From videos to social media posts, emails and websites this digital veteran has seen it all and made it organically convert better. The secret? Knowing who the audience is and what they want and anticipating their needs; mainly by looking at lots of analytics dashboards and Excel spreadsheets but also by gathering user feedback.

In the last 15ish years I was:

  • User Experience Consultant for British charities and small businesses,
  • Head of Audience Development at a YouTube Multi-Channel Network managing more than 40 channels from major broadcasters to brands and classic YouTubers,
  • Social Media Consultant for both small local businesses and big brands like BMW.

From kittens to code

When I moved to the UK I was delighted to learn you could work in the non-profit sector and did so as a Website and Digital Officer for The Mayhew Animal Home. The position was a mix of digital marketing and web development.

kitten teapawty
Filming kittens: the career I’ve given up

Despite of having grown up on the likes of Blackadder and being taught the intricacies of British life in school, I had to realise that I still missed a lot of the pop cultural references a marketing professional should be familiar with and hence could never be an effective marketer. Being involved in managing the website, however, I’ve found that there was one thing that was universal: technology.

I've always thoroughly enjoyed solving real-life problems with digital products.

My job has allowed me to get a taste of UX development and I was immediately taken to it.

I ❤️ love accessibility

Accessibility is not just about screen readers, blind users and not forgetting about proper contrast levels. It is so much more. It’s about properly sized touch targets, thinking about slow internet connections and readability, to name a few… When done right accessibility actually adds a lot to the usability of your interface.

Behind the scenes

Avid hiker, rower and biker (but still spend way too much time sitting in front of the computer), lover of science fiction…never seen Star Wars.

coloured black and white photo
Oh and I also colour. With Photoshop because it's easier to stay in the lines there.